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We have several good job openings for outdoor  waterfront work. Servicing recreational boats, doing cottage repairs & maintenance, or working as a lobster buyer. If you're interested, send us an email using the contact form.  Tell us about yourself briefly. Your work experience, skills, education, and your goals. Why would you like to work at Broad Cove Marine?

We Offer-

  • Competitive wages.
  • Bonus programs
  • Paid vacation ( winter only)
  • Path to equity for the right person.
  • A small friendly team.
  • Chance to be a big fish in a small pond.
  • Help set your own job goals & plans.
  • Work every day on the beautiful Maine Coast.
  • Coastal Maine living- Great recreational opportunities, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Opportunities to grow your job skills with company support

Job Openings:

Marine Services Manager

Assistant Marine Services Manager leading to Service Manager. This is a hands on position working with boats, motors, floats, and moorings. Primary activities include:

Boat Storage- Spring & fall-winter: Haul & launch boats. Clean, shrink wrap and store boats. Winterize engines, Haul & set floats.

Summer Work- troubleshoot recreational boats & moorings for customers as needed, order fuel & marine parts, bill customers for work performed. Perform cottage maintenance, repairs & deliveries for summer cottages on Bremen Long Island.

 Winter Work- Island property checks, float building for customers & for BCMS, facilities maintenance. Customer Boat repair.

Skill Set: Broad Cove Marine Services Inc.(BCMS) is a small recreational boat marina & commercial lobster wharf on the Bremen Maine waterfront. Good people skills are needed to work effectively with diverse people: fishermen, summer customers, coworkers, vendors. Practical mechanical, small motor service, basic carpentry & electrical skills are needed to work on small pleasure boats and to maintain BCMS facilities.  The job is are hands-on, out door, requiring some physical strength.


Lobster Buyer

This job is physically demanding. It requires enough strength to lift lobster crates & move heavy barrels of bait into the bait shed with a hand truck.

 Buy Lobsters. Meet lobster boats at the end of the dock & receive the catch. Grade, weight, price & record each purchase. Store lobsters in crates under the dock. Control lobster inventory. Clean out dead lobsters.

Sell Lobsters.

Call our buyers daily to establish the buying & the selling price. Move lobsters to the tank room. Record all sales. Maintain perpetual inventory.

Buy, sell, & Manage Bait & Fuel.

 Buy bait & fuel. Maintain profit margins by monitoring costs & selling price. Keep tabs on lobstermen purchases. Control bait quality, quantity & manage the inventory.

Skill Set Experience working with lobsters. Basic arithmetic skills are required to manage inventory, prices and margins. Simple computer skills for emailing, using excel for inventory control, & QuickBooks invoicing.  Organizational skills necessary to manage the many daily tasks & relationships. hands-on, out door, requiring considerable physical strength.

Facilities Manager

This job is shared by the Marine Services Manager & the Lobster Buyer. It requires some basic carpentry & handyman skills.

Keep the bait cooler functioning correctly & efficiently.

Maintain the dock hoists & buying station equipment.

Maintain the lobster bait carts, trucks, & related equipment.

Maintain the wharf in safe, functional condition for both Retail customers & our lobstermen.

Plan & implement scheduled building maintenance, such as replacing roof, siding, decking and updating mechanical equipment as required.

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